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Children's Classes/Workshops (Ages 4-12)

Support your child or loved one by investing in their future and enrolling them in our Etiquette & Protocol classes. Students will practice common courtesies, everyday manners, magic words, table manners & place setting, party etiquette and more…

Teen's Classes/Workshops (Ages 13-19)

Offer your teen, group or class, our formal etiquette training workshops as an essential part of growing-up. By promoting Character Development, we encourage students to feel confident in their abilities and thus, better equipped to adapt to various situations in the company of others.

Adult Classes/Workshops

Increase your potential & build the confidence that you need to become more successful in your career & social life. Learn the Art of Introductions, Small Talk & Socializing, Fashion & Style, Etiquette for the Home, Hosting & Dining Manners, Office Etiquette, International Manners & Relationship Etiquette.

Daycare & School Workshops

Our Kindergarten to School-Age Children’s etiquette workshops are fun, educational and interactive. Through activities, games, arts & crafts, songs & stories the children will learn polite behaviours for school, in public & at home.

Corporate Success Skills

Book our Day/Lunch or Evening Corporate Success Skills workshops for your group, staff, students or team. Learn meeting/interview etiquette, effective time-management, work-life balance and the Art of Socializing in business.

Fitness Classes: Excercise Mind, Body & Soul

Book our private or group exercise classes. Through aerobic exercise, flexibility, dance & strength training, receive physical, emotional, mental and therapeutic cleansing. Practice your deep breathing and learn relaxation techniques. Find your inner strength and build up your self-esteem, prepare for a brand new you.